The Shining

Le Voyage Dans La Lune

Stanley Kubrick is notorious for obsessing over the minutae of filmaking. He would research every detail of every shot and his compositions were works of art. The Shining works beautifully as a straight horror movie but Kubrick packed a lot into his films and it's only natural for audiences to want to peel back the layers and look for what's there.  There's been a lot of theories about the Shining,  it's about the plight of Native Americans,  it's about Kubrick's struggle to make a film about the Holocaust. But I think the most interesting theory , and coincidentally the most misguided,  claims that The Shining is a thinly veiled admission that Stanley Kubrick faked the Apollo 11 moon landing.  

It's a crazy theory to being with, but the way that theorists pick apart the film to build their case is really fascinating. If you have time to kill  watch this video which breaks down the entire film. Don't watch too much or you'll get a nose bleed. 

24" by 36" 
Giclee on Enhanced Matte Archival Paper
Limited Edition of 100